New Vision Photography | About
New Vision Photography is the creation of Kim Agrimson, who lives in Gladstone, Oregon. Since that would be me, I'll stop writing about him in the third person and just tell you a bit about myself. Like many in this profession, photography came to me as much as I came to it. Following a decade of work in Seattle's documentary film industry, I gravitated to the independence and signature creativity offered by still photography. After marrying my beloved 25 years ago, we returned to our family roots in Oregon to raise two fine daughters. As they will attest, the camera has never been far from my reach, and since 2007 I have been proud to call photography my primary career and passion.

Since I strive constantly to improve my craft, I always believe my best work lies ahead. But whether it is a simple portrait or a commercial project, I can help you discover a fresh new vision to define your identity, grow your business or tell your story. New Vision Photography: More than meets the eye.